360° photography of ceramics

We had the opportunity to photograph works of art for a successful artist who works mainly with ceramics. She works with porcelain as well as stoneware. 360° product photography was appealing to her because she wants to improve her web presence and take it to a higher level. She can also achieve a much wider outreach. An online fan can see her work much better now without having to be present physically at an exhibition or in studio.

Many of the photographed objects were light in color, and it was therefore important to think carefully about their lighting so that they stood out against the white background. A 360° photo gives every object realness, the visitor can look at the object thoroughly, almost as if he were holding it in his hand.

See the resulting 360° images below. We chose a beautiful porcelain vase, a set of salt and pepper shakers, also made out of porcelain, and finally a decorative object made of black clay.

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