What is a 360° photo and how is it created?

If you are looking to improve your online presentation, you may have come across the concept of 360° photography. It can be confusing for newcomers. How can a photo be rotated, especially if it is not a video? In this article you will learn what 360° photography is and also how it is created.


What is 360° photography?

Generally, 360° or spin photography allows user to see an object from multiple sides in one animated image. It is a so-called “object movie”. We can also call it interactive photography, because the user himself rotates and zooms in and out on the object at his own discretion. To rotate the object, one can use either the control panel below the photo or movement of the mouse or finger on touch screens.

It is able to attract the attention of users in a way that a static photo never could. That is why interest in 360° photography is growing rapidly. We can find it in e-shops and sales platforms, but its application spills over into other areas as well.

In the photo below, you can try how such an interactive photograph is operated. Use the control panel, mouse or touch. Double click to open full screen view. You can also zoom in on the photos to see details of the objects. It is very intuitive.

How is a 360° photo created?

To take such product photo you need specialized equipment. Object is placed on a rotation table which spins and the photographed object spins with it. Object is photographed during the rotation at regular intervals, thus creating a view of the object from several angles. In post-production, specialized software is used to combine these images and a 360° photo is created.

To create your 360° and 3D photos, we exclusively use professional studio equipment from XY Imager Studio and photographic equipment from Canon and Nikon. Thanks to professional equipment, we basically have no restrictions with regards to size or weight of photographed objects.

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