360° photography add-ons

A spin product photo not only looks perfect and presents the given product in a modern way, but other accessories can also be incorporated into it. In this article, we will show you what extensions to 360° photography we offer in our studio and also explain when they are relevant.


It’s possible to add hotspots, or points of interest, to a 360° photograph. On click they reveal a window with additional information. This information can be, for example, a more detailed shot of some part of the object, or a window with text, links etc. This allows the visitor to learn even more about your product. Click on the red dot in the image below to view the hotspot.


Depending on the type of object, it may sometimes be necessary or appropriate to add several states of the object to the object film. For example, different colors of the product or disassembly of its parts. In this case, many more photos are taken during the process, the object is continuously manipulated, and naturally it takes considerably longer to work with the object when photographing it. Even in post-production, more work awaits us in the preparation of the final animation.


In some cases, it may be desirable to make the background behind the object transparent. This request is followed by removing the background in professional editing program for each of the 36 or 72 images taken. Subsequently, such shots without the background are combined into an object film. Where can an object movie with transparent background be used? If you want to insert the animation into your own background, on a website that has its own specific graphics and you want to keep it. This is usually done with one flagship product that is placed on the homepage of websites.

We are happy to offer you all these add-ons to 360° photography when working on your projects in our studio. See examples of photoshoots carried out by us and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.