Why invest in 360° photography

Leading brands use a combination of static product photography, animation and product videos to present their products online. Online experience that is visually rich and interesting can bridge the big gap between shopping in a physical store and online. It helps consumers better imagine and familiarize themselves with the products without having to physically see them in store.

In addition to this added value for the consumer, there are many benefits of using 360° product photography for the business itself. Even though 360° photography is a bit more time and financially demanding than regular static photography, it can be worth investing in. In the long run, it has invaluable advantages for successful online sales:

  • increased buyer confidence – 360° images lead to better informed purchases. They allow buyers to better visualize the details of the product, such as shape, size, material or other features. These could otherwise go unnoticed. The difference between the image and reality is minimal, which helps consumers make better decisions.
  • more online store conversions – interactive 360° product photos can also generate more web traffic, time spent on page and higher SEO, leading to increased conversions. This is especially so if the visuals of your products are eye-catching and at the same time answer all the potential questions of buyers.
  • reduced number of returns – the better informed consumers are about products, the less likely they are to return them. 360° photos eliminate a lot of uncertainty and guesswork when shopping online.‍
  • stronger brand image – the more satisfied customers, the more returning customers. These then make recommendations, spread product awareness and overall strengthen the brand image.


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